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Our Parent's Views During The Covid-19 Pandemic 

Testimonials: Testimonials

"I have two children of 6 and 12 years old and I can’t say enough good things about this international school.

It has a neighborly feel and very family friendly. You walk in and staff know who you and your child are which makes it super inviting. We have a great connection with the teacher and administration. Leadership is very caring and if there is an issue or you have questions, you get a response quickly.

My children absolutely love going to school which made me so happy. Also, their teaching is fun and they encourage family involvement"

Our teachers are Mr Jones and Miss Allira and I am well aware of the effort you both put into each child in your class. It’s great to see how visible and accessible you are around the school and also now, in this difficult moment, that the class has to be online. Thanks and keep up the great work!

I can´t be more pleased. You know your child is getting the best education here. If you have any reservations if you are new to the area, DON’T! This school is awesome!

"For Chloe, this school is her second home, impossible for her imagine studying in another school, she absolutely loves it!

It was not easy to understand Chloe’s needs since her disease is very rare and make her fight with many obstacles daily, but the team did a great work and made her feel that she is able to do everything at her own rhythm and this makes her the happier girl ever"

"I want to congratulate the school and all the team, for the way you have organized the timetable for the children. 

Melissa great job with the online classes and the explanation to all the parents. Thank you :-)

I have to say that this extraordinary situation is making all of us to get adapted to it; and you as school are doing it with a good balance for children and parents. 

There are schools in the area and country working on normal basis, and other just leaving all to the parents…. 

We do have it very well adjusted to the times so my big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

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