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Personalised Learning
(5 to 11 years)


We provide an exceptional learning environment where every student is respected and treated as a unique individual.


Primary is divided into 3 classes, Lower Primary 1 - ages 5 & 6, Lower Primary 2 - ages 7 & 8 and Upper Primary - ages 9,10 and 11.

The mixed age grouping enables the older students to help the youngest whilst they in turn, aspire to achieve that of their elders both educationally and socially. 

The small class sizes with one British Primary/Montessori Guide, enables each to benefit from personalised

education that focuses on the ability and developmental pace of each and every student.

This is additionally supported through a personalised learning plan (PLP) which is individually tailored for each student to ensure that through the Montessori materials, the learning outcomes of the English National Curriculum are being achieved, to foster their own personal interests and to instil the acquisition of self-responsibility, time management and reflection; life skills that will need in the future. 

There are no artificial barriers to progress, each student being free to extend a concept or personal interest as far as they wish.

Students follow Key Stage One and Key Stage Two of the British National Curriculum which covers English, Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology, Computing, History, Geography, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, PSHE and SRE.

There is a daily hourly Spanish lesson of language and social sciences in accordance with the Spanish and British curriculums. 

In accordance with Montessori pedagogy, students enjoy a greater level of autonomy than they would have in an ordinary school where for some of the day they are free to choose where to do their learning, maybe on the terrace or in the garden underneath a tree and where there is an emphasis on practical based, hands-on learning.

This is further enhanced through Project Based Learning and Enterprise which is essential for them to acquire the skills of critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, creativeness, adaptability and resilience. 

​Student's progress is carefully monitored with regular formative assessments and weekly one-to-one conferencing with their guide to ensure that they remain on track at all times.

Additional learning support and intervention including where English is an additional language is available.

As a Montessori school, we do not believe children of this age should be formally tested, examined or be set homework with the exception of a reading book and weekly spellings.

There are many opportunities for the children to become actively involved through various student committees, charity and community initiatives. 

An innovative campus that will provide exceptional holistic education for ages 16 months to 18 years. 

Elementary: Academics
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