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Will the Pandemic of 2020 be the Catalyst to how we Educate Children.

It is well known how disruptive the pandemic has been to education with the need for schools to close through the imposition of national lockdowns and the frequent closure of class bubbles from positive test results of teachers and children.

The majority of schools have performed miracles in moving to distance learning, often at very short notice, and without the benefit of any experience or training in virtual teaching, the use of technology and the remote distribution of learning resources. This has enabled continuance of learning during these difficult times.

There is therefore little doubt that when normality does return, these recent events will have brought about a change in mindset of educationalists, governments, school governors, teachers and parents. Whilst a great deal of this will be towards an increased and accepted use of technology and blended learning, there will always be a need for physical ‘brick and mortar’ schools for face-to-face teaching and social interaction. It is because of this that its probable parents will, especially those who pay private school fees, expect a better kind of education than they had previously accepted for their children.

Whilst obtaining a good academic education will always be of utmost importance, there is increasing realisation of the need to develop those life skills that children will require in the work place of tomorrow and to acquire a deep understanding of sustainability which will once again take centre on the world stage.

It is those schools that can incorporate these additional elements into their curriculum that will outshine those which continue to primarily drive subject content memorisation for the purpose of obtaining an academic qualification. It is through these forward thinking learning communities that it is hoped will become a catalyst to private mainstream and government controlled education systems around the world.

A new International Green school presently being developed on the Costa-del-Sol, Spain, provides this type of forward looking education. Mont21 school will provide a unique hybrid curriculum founded on Montessori pedagogy incorporating the British National Curriculum, sustainability and the best progressive educational concepts. This new learning community has been inspired by the Green School Bail as recognised by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as an example of a progressive school of the future. To learn more, visit

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