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The Problem With Education Today

There can be no doubt that society is continuing to change exponentially to that of the 20th Century when the majority of the world's educational systems were developed from the remnants of the Industrial revolution and the new information age. These were primarily based on the acquisition of knowledge for the sole objective of passing examinations to obtain employment or a place at University that would lead to success and happiness in life.

Whilst this will remain to be the case for several years to come, there is an ever growing realisation by many forward thinking educationalists that the aim of education should go well beyond this narrow mindset if we are to do the best for tomorrow's world.

There are many and ever-increasing challenges that need to be addressed in the world today and those we are yet to encounter in the future. However it is a misnomer to imagine these can only be solved by the world's leaders given the restrains of political ambition, company profits or personal reputation. Instead they will fall on the collective responsibility of society who must gain those necessary capabilities and competencies to find solutions to these problems.

It also follows that as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution where knowledge is readily accessible through technology and with robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence changing the way we all live and work, human qualities and skills are becoming increasingly important to ensure that we all live in an equitable and peaceful society.

The role of school is therefore not only to provide a benchmark of intelligence through the acquisition of academic qualifications but also for learners to use that knowledge and understanding through critical thinking and problem solving. It is through this practical and interdisciplinary work that they will learn the life and personal competencies including collaboration, creativity, resilience which they will not only need to achieve their own life goals but also those of our planet and future generations.

There are an increasing number of forward thinking international schools who are incorporating this new educational paradigm into their core curriculum including Mont21 school located on the Costa del Sol, Spain which offers a British education to the local and expatriate community.

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