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Our Wildlife Garden

As an Ecological School, there will be a wildlife friendly garden to attract and nurture biodiversity.

An essential part of our sustainable curriculum will be for students to learn about the importance of biodiversity in our world. Whilst this will typically cover the Tropical Rainforests, Deserts and Oceans, the habitat of many of our species of plants, animals and insects, this will be reinforced through our own wildlife garden.

A small area of our campus will be set-a-side where the students will have the opportunity to create, manage and observe a micro ecosystem. The grass will be allowed to grow long to encourage seed production, wildflowers and a habitat for insect species. The students will construct and fix boxes and feeders to encourage birds. An insect hotel made from hollow bamboo, sticks and logs will create shelter for all sorts of insects including beetles and spiders. There will be a small water/wetland area using re-cycled/harvest rainwater. Compost will be made using organic un-cooked waste from the school's kitchens will naturally enrich the soil and attract worms, woodlice and many other insects. Small gaps at the bottom of the boundary wall will be provided to enable the migration of wildlife from the adjoining habitat.

It is this through this hands-on approach that forms an essential part of Montessori pedagogy where students of all ages benefit from real-life learning which could not otherwise be accessed through the use of educational text books and media.

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