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Is The Choice Of A Traditional Academic Education Still Appropriate For The 21st Century.

As there have always been so many different factors to consider when choosing the right school, it not unsurprising that following the recent pandemic, many parents are now wondering what the best option is for their son or daughter.

Broadly speaking, schools fall into one of two categories, those that offer academic rigour for the sole purpose of students obtaining the highest possible qualifications for entry into a top University and those that educate the whole child, not just in academia but also personally, socially and emotionally so they are fully prepared for whatever lies ahead in the future.

For most parents, the importance of their child leaving school with the best possible qualifications remains of utmost priority enabling them to obtain a University degree and a top career that will bring them happiness and success. However whilst this was once the case when a job was for life with a recognised ladder of progression, this is no longer so in an ever changing world.

Although there has been a dilution of prestige in obtaining a degree through political agenda where it has become the minimum requisite to embark on a professional type career, it has long been known that frequently the subject studied is not actually the one the student will end up using and for those who are lucky enough to reach interview, prospective employers find applicants failing in the soft skills such as critical thinking, creative, collaborative, adaptable, resilience and to be a life long learner.

The other type of school is one that provides the best of both worlds that whilst still following an establised curriculum that will enable students to leave with the very best academic qualification, it also nurtures those other skills that are so essential to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Instead of just memorising content for the purpose of passing an end examination, cross-curricular knowledge and understanding is used in practical and real life applications through project based learning, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM), entrepreneurship, sustainability and local community initiatives. It is these forward thinking schools that offer the greatest opportunities for future generations.

Whilst the choice of school will very much depend on the personal attributes of your son and daughter, there is a growing realisation amongst educationalists, employers and parents that the once traditional academical driven international, preparatory, secondary, grammar and public school are becoming increasingly out of touch with the modern world and the 4th industrial revolution.

There are several pioneering schools around the world that offer education for today including the new Mont21 school which integrates Montessori pedagogy with the English National Curriculum opening soon on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

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