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Is It Now Time To Move On From Traditional Education

As we believe it is now time to change how we educate children, we have to wonder why there remain so many schools which continue to retain those features one would have expected to have seen in a traditional private school some 100 years ago.

As an example, the values of integrity, rigour, excellence and leadership, once considered so important of shaping the character of children, have become far less relevant in today's world where the focus is now on being collaborative, creative, adaptable and resilient.

Most have a formal uniform of braided blazers, ties and hats to promote their status and brand with parents and competitors. Whilst there remains the argument that a uniform promotes personal standards, a sense of belonging and cohesiveness of the school community, this too has lost a great deal of importance given that today there is more focus for children to feel comfortable in their learning.

Traditionally schools promoted competition as a mainstay of achieving life success with students being members of houses or tribes earning points through sport and other activities. This is further fed through into the classroom where individual students compete with their peers to be awarded trophies for academic effort and achievement throughout the year.

There is long established top down hierarchy of authority where adults are in complete control of the curriculum timetable and daily life of the school community.

We however now live in a very different world where traditional 'character building values' have been replaced with ones that have greater relevance in today's more inclusive society and workplace, where it no longer necessary to dress formally to ensure career success, for competition to be the driving force in daily life and to respect everyone's voice and opinion in a community.

Surely, it is now time to move on from the past and to modernise and embrace those learning paradigms .that are more aligned and relevant in today's ever changing world.

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