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A day in the life of a secondary student at mont21school

As the visitor walks into mont21, they will immediately notice a sense of freedom and maturity not found in most secondary schools. As students follow their own personalized study plan, they move about the school freely to learn where they can best concentrate independently, to take advantage of IT or to attend a small learning group in one of the teaching pods or specialist rooms. The students have easy access to the outdoor environment where there are seats and tables within the central naturally shaded courtyard for either independent or collaborative learning. They are free to make a drink or light snack at one of the kitchenettes during anytime of the day.

Elsewhere in the school, some students might be found working on a horticultural project in the poly tunnel or planting in the organic food production plot. There is very much a sense of community throughout whether this is through academic learning or mastering a 21st century life skill. The older students freely mix and help the primary aged children either with learning or a practical life activity, for example constructing a hen house or up cycling an old item of furniture in the workshop.

In the coffee shop and the school market, the secondary students have the responsibility to operate these as efficient and well managed businesses for the benefit of the whole community.

They are very much involved in sustainable and charity type projects and initiatives so to foster their entrepreneurial skills, ecological and global awareness for both the school and the wider community.

At mont21, the secondary students are treated with utmost respect with a degree of trust and responsibility that is not ordinarily found so to nurture a love of life-long learning. The exceptional learning environment has been designed to replicate one similar they will experience in the workplace of the future.

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